1. Purpose and Explanation of Procedure

Chapter Fitness provides voluntary programming for exercise conditioning. Participants will be given exact instructions regarding the amount and kind of exercise they should do. Results can only be expected if participants comply with the recommendations of staff. Professionally certified personnel will provide leadership to direct activities, monitor performance, and otherwise evaluate effort. Participants are expected to attend every session and to follow staff instruction.

24 hours notice is needed to reschedule sessions. Workouts are prepared utilizing the full time you are scheduled. Do not schedule appointments at a time you cannot promptly arrive. Once we’ve agreed on a time to meet, you are expected to arrive on time and be in the studio (or mobile location) ready to work out at the time your session is scheduled to begin. Due to demand for these appointments and the need for professional courtesy, early morning (before 8am), late evening (after 6pm), and weekend appointments cannot be held for those who are late more than three times. Appointments at any time throughout the week cannot be held if you are late at that time more than six instances.

Inform the program staff if you are taking prescribed medications, and inform them promptly of any changes which your doctor has made with regard to use of these.

During participation in exercise, you will be asked to complete all recommended physical activities unless symptoms such as fatigue, shortness of breath, chest discomfort or similar occurrences appear. At that point, you are advised it is your complete right to decrease or stop exercise and that it is your obligation to inform the program personnel of your symptoms.

2. Risks

There exists the remote possibility during exercise of adverse changes, including abnormal blood pressure, fainting, disorders of heart rhythm, and very rare instances of heart attack, stroke, or even death, as well as other risks of injury or impairment, due to participation in activity. Injuries to bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other parts of the body may also occur. Every effort will be made to minimize these occurrences through staff supervision during exercise and participants own careful control of exercise efforts. There is a risk of injury, heart attack or even death as a result of exercise.

3. Benefits to be Expected and Alternatives to Exercise

Any exercise program may or may not benefit physical fitness or general health. Involvement in the exercise sessions will allow you to learn proper ways to perform conditioning exercises, use some fitness equipment, and regulate physical effort.

These experiences should benefit you by indicating how physical limitations may affect ability to perform various physical activities. If you closely follow program instructions you will likely improve exercise capacity after a period of three (3) to six (6) months.

4. Confidentiality and Use of Information

The information which is obtained in this exercise program will be treated as privileged and confidential and will consequently not be released or revealed to any person without express written consent or as required by law. Participants do agree to the use of any information which is not personally identifiable for research and statistical purposes so long as same does not provide facts which could lead to identification.

5. Inquiries and Freedom of Consent

Participants are given an opportunity to ask questions as to the procedures of the program. There are other remote risks that may be associated with this program. A complete accounting of all these remote risks is not entirely possible.

Participants consent to the rendition of all services and procedures as explained herein by all program personnel and to the provision of emergency care response and CPR if necessary.

Race- or other event-preparation programs do not endorse or certify for safety any third-party event; participants assume all risk for that event.

Payment accepted by check (preferred), credit card (service fees may apply), or cash (in exact change).

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