My minimalist philosophy for training means that you won’t ever have to remember choreography or strap yourself in to a scary piece of equipment. I’ll show you fundamental exercises using your body weight, free weights or other simple tools that are tried and true and can get you to your fitness goals.

With the basic tenets of cardiovascular endurance, strength training, and flexibility training, together we can get you across the finish line of race preparation, weight loss or overall wellness. Whatever your objectives, a higher level of health and fitness will mean improved quality of life and a body you can feel proud of and confident in. Minimalist training doesn’t mean boring or static though – we’ll vary the workouts every time we meet (ask my clients about the holiday and other special themes I mix in regularly) to keep things interesting and fun. You’ll look forward to your next workout, not dread it anymore.

With Chapter Fitness, you won’t find fads or gimmicks, just safe, affordable and effective minimalist workouts for your best results. It’s nurturing, not torturing. No gym membership is needed. This is non-intimidating, patient, accessible fitness for everyone – including you. Email to get started with a free session today.

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