Why Use A Trainer

Using a personal trainer can have a variety of benefits for your health and fitness. Take a moment to think about your exercise over the last two weeks; was it at the level you need to be to reach your goals each of those days? A skilled fitness trainer can help you get there.

Benefits of using a personal trainer:

  • Optimizes your workout time
  • Ensures safety and proper form
  • Accurately assesses your current fitness level
  • Develops a long- and short-term plan for your fitness
  • Accountability – it’s hard to miss a workout when your trainer shows up on your doorstep!
  • Everyone can benefit from a trainer. The top athletes in the world still use trainers so “knowing enough” to work out on your own or just belonging to a gym isn’t really enough.
  • Progression beyond your limits that you may not be able to push yourself through
  • Personalization
  • Motivation
  • Value versus paying for a gym you don’t consistently visit or equipment you may not use
  • Preparation to look and feel your best for a specific life event (ie wedding, high school reunion) or athletic event (ie 5k, marathon, obstacle race)

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